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Energy Audit
Energy audit is an official scientific study of energy consumption of an organization/process/plant/equipment aimed at reduction of energy consumption and energy costs without affecting productivity and comfort and suggesting the methods for energy-saving and reduction in energy cost. What is Energy Audit?
Sauryouth-Energy Audit
Types of Energy Audit 
 1. Preliminary audit: Preliminary audit is carried out in a limited time say within 10 days and it highlights the energy cost and wastages in the major equipment and processes. It also gives the major energy supplies and demands an accounting.

2. Detailed audit: Detailed energy audit, also known as a comprehensive energy audit includes engineering recommendations and well-defined projects with priorities. It accounts for the total energy utilized in plants. It involves detailed engineering for options to reduce energy consumption and also reduce cost. The duration of such studies is generally from 1 to 10 weeks. The action plan is divided into short-term, medium-term, and long-term actions.

People who are associated with us
1. Pravin Joshi
-Electrical Engineer: Government Engineering College 1983 (University of Pune)
-BEE certified Energy Auditor since 2009
2. Varun Wagh:
-Electrical Engineer: KKWIEER 2006(University of Pune)
-BEE certified Energy Auditor since 2010
3. Rohit Pade
-Electrical Engineer: SVIT 2010 (University of Pune)
-BEE certified Energy Auditor since 2017
4. Abhishek Paranjpe
-Mechanical Engineer: KKWIEER 2014 (University of Pune)
-BEE certified Energy Auditor since 2019
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